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Saturday, September 17, 2022

The unity of Two Testament



v  The book of Old Testament and the New Testament are two parts of the same book.
v We can see some of their similarities and Cohesions which attracts us
A)Both deals with the same God
Ø The most of basic source of unity and one unifying theme of biblical revelation is the one God himself.  It is the same God who reveals himself in different ways in every pages of the bible.
Ø The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the Same God who speaks through Jesus in the New Testament God himself is the Savior compassionate of his people (Isa 43;3, 1 Tim 2;3-4
Ø The saving character of God was revealed in bringing Israel out of Egypt in the Old Testament, but it was revealed on a new level on the cross at Calvary in the New Testament
Ø There are same differences in the way God has chosen to effect his salvation in both parts of the bible
Ø The differences are with regard to three basic areas
1.   The Bringer of Salvation:- in the Old Testament, the bringer of salvation and mediator of Covenant is Moses in the New Testament it is Jesus Christ.
2.   The way of Salvation:- In the Old Testament the way of salvation is obedience to the law and circumcision in the sign of the covenant, but in the new testament it is faith in Jesus Christ which is a pure gift God and Baptism is the sacramental sign of the New Covenant.

3.   The heirs of Salvation:- in the Old Testament the heirs of salvation are the old Israelites, but in the new Testament it is the Church of Christ. In this case, there is a unity, continuity and at the same time there is transcendence.

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